Troy Anthony Fryer was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 2nd, 1984.

Troy was a top high school player who helped 2 teams reach state tournament play during his high school career. As a youngster, he attended several basketball camps, most notably: Depaul University, Indiana University (one of his camp counselors was team manager Lawrence Frank - former Head Coach of the New Jersey Nets) and Georgetown University.

On March 18th, 2006 he was helping a friend, when their car was stopped for a flat tire on the expressway on their way back to FIU in Miami. Troy was struck by a truck and killed. His friend survived because Troy got him to move out of the way just in time. The last thing Troy did with his life was help someone else. Troy had a strong belief in God and righteousness, and strived to live this way. He attended Heather Hills Elementary and Parker Jr. H.S. in Flossmoor, Illinois. He graduated from Pinecrest H.S. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Troy received numerous academic, athletic and civic awards. At the time of his passing, Troy worked on-campus at FIU with Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball, Sports Information and Campus Recreation. He was also a valued staff member of Niketown, Miami.

Troy's lifelong dream was to be a math teacher like his mom, and a basketball coach like his dad. Troy founded One on One Basketball Academy in 2002 during the summer after high school. During college, he was already Living his Dream by tutoring children in math, serving as founder, administrator and basketball coach for the academy, as well as personally spending time mentoring several youngsters. He oversaw the growth of his academy from just 8 students in the Summer of 2002 to having served over 5000 kids in over a dozen cities who benefitted from the program by 2005.

He was set to take over full-time operation of the academy upon graduation from college.

Anyone who truly knew Troy understood that his most beloved personal goal was to play college basketball... This wasn't just a dream. He spent years practicing to improve his skills, training to get stronger and quicker,  researching colleges to find the right fit for him, contacting those schools, marketing himself, and pursuing his goal against all odds and adversity.

We are proud to announce, that at the time of his passing, Troy was being recruited to play basketball by several colleges and was preparing to accept an offer to transfer and become a student -athlete at the University of Minnesota, in Crookston, Minnesota - Thus realizing his lifelong dream...

It is this accomplishment that most exemplified Troy’s greatest gift. He used the ability to motivate himself as an example to help others identify and successfully pursue their dreams. At his memorial service, there were many people who shared examples of this: an 11 year old he helped overcome a fear of math, college students with whom he founded study groups, adult faculty members who played intramural sports and learned to uphold the rules of sportsmanship when Troy officiated, and a fellow NIKE Town employee to who gave testimony as to how Troy had been the catalyst for continuing his Rap/Hip Hop career when he wanted to quit. That young man heard his song played on nationwide radio for the first time - while on the way to Troy’s memorial service...

Troy Fryer now lives on in us and his dream continues as the Troy Fryer Foundation. The foundation provides what Troy wanted to do with his life - Give young people an opportunity to live their dreams as Troy lived his. This is being done by providing student-athlete scholarship assistance, basketball camp scholarships, math tutoring, as well as counseling and mentoring for young people in need. Since 2006, the Troy Fryer Foundation has provided hundreds youngsters an opportunity to attend year-round sports training programs as well as , receive tutoring and mentoring.


Troy’s Story

A boy, a ball and a dream...


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